Phoebe Price Nearly Spills Out Of Her Spandex, Kind of a Good Witch Thing

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bill-swift - February 4, 2016

At this point, Phoebe Price isn't exactly wearing clothing. It's more like a towel or a wrap or something that barely contains her udders and an arrest warrant from the Beverly Hills Police Department. Paging Axel Foley. Phoebe Price is the master, nay, mistress, of the almost falling out of her top whilst walking her dog or taking a trip to Starbucks. It's not for everybody, but I'm hardly turning away and covering the children's eyes. In fact, it is my inner child boy that loves these sights so much.

Phoebe Price is a classic example of effort in the sextastic celebrity scene. For fifteen years Phoebe has been plugging away at flashing her funbags and derriere in public settings and the occasional B-movie. There's something noble in her quest, and perhaps even mythical in her struggle. And, then, yes, the mammoth melons of Valhalla she packs into her visual punches. It takes all kinds of sextastic shows to make this ogling world go round. Don't look a gift pair of full size funbags in the mouth. As it were. Enjoy.

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