Phoebe Price And Ana Braga Working It, But Who’s Paying?

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Lex Jurgen - June 14, 2016

You can view those stories of 30-something career minor league ballplayers hanging on for their shot as inspiring tales of commitment to a dream or profiles in futility. There's a rich psychological profiling that can be done based upon your answer. Phoebe Price has spent the better part of fifteen years hoping that showing off her tit and ass freckles in Beverly Hills will get her work. You do the same rinse and repeat in front of the U-Haul facility just a couple miles away and you will get offers. Perhaps not for film or television work.

If you're no longer willing to starve yourself and you're into loose fitting kitschy fashion, you have to ask yourself if you're heart's really still in this crazy dream. Price recently added this blond Brazilian girl to her posse. Somebody to pass the torch of ineffectuality. It's a lonely existence wearing giant round sunglasses. Sunscreen doesn't protect feelings.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

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