Petra Nemcova Tsunami Book

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bill-swift - December 12, 2005

Former model Petra Nemcova has written a book about her experience during last year's Tsunami in south-east Asia. Detailing her struggle for life as she clung to a tree for eight hours with a shattered pelvis, the book also recounts her life and relationship with boyfriend Simon Atlee, the British photographer who was lost during the Tsunami. In an interview with the New York Post, Petra discussed her relationship, and her planned return to Thailand with her and Atlee's family on the anniversary of the Tsunami.

We will focus on the good things. That you are still alive, I still have my family, my friends. The next second, they can go away.

Nemcova has spent the last year recovering from her injuries, and is now out promoting her book, entitled "Love Always, Petra." The proceeds from the book will go to the Happy Hearts Fund charity which is dedicated to helping the children affected by the disaster. In these pictures from the Happy Hearts Fund gala, you can see the many scars on her arms from her ordeal.