Petra Ecclestone Does the Heiress Walk in Vajayjay-Hugging Yellow Pants

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bill-swift - January 27, 2012

The entire state of the Los Angeles heiress scene changed when F-1 fortune-daughter Petra Ecclestone and her blonde hotness bought up the $100 million Spelling Mansion and moved onto the local scene in ever form fitting clothing. Let's just say Billionaire Barbie's lazy eye raised an eyebrow upon this movement onto her turf.

The uber-wealthy young shopper and fashion designer and some other fanciful pursuits follower strut the streets of Beverly Hills yesterday in the brightest of yellow crotch hugging pants that put all other heiresses on notice that this high-class pussycat is here to stake her claim. And, quite frankly, we could use some new stupid hot Ferrari-driving show-off blood in this town. Competition brings out the cat claws we do so love. Enjoy.