Performance Art Is Weird: Vaginal Concerts

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michael-garcia - August 11, 2016

Having gone to school for the arts, I've had to put up with a a lot of wanky performance art of the years. I've seen a girl pee in a bottle and drink it on stage while choir music played and I've seen a girl who got an art grant to play children's toy instruments in her bedroom all day. Who can forget the woman who knitted yarn stuffed up inside her?  I know that art is highly subjective but I have very little tolerance for most performance art. Take, for example, Dayna McLeod, a Canadian artist (natch) who is giving vaginal concerts out in a square. How does it work? A DJ nearby runs a wire into her vagina to play concerts for her womb. You can listen too by placing a stethoscope on her belly. What's the point? 

"I decided to make my body into a concert hall because of essentialist expectations that women make babies."

Um, OK. I just don't get people. 

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