People Are Still Saying Insanely Dumb Things About the ‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale

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bill-swift - October 1, 2013

This is for the real fans of Breaking Bad, who, like me, got addicted to crystal meth and now I live under a bridge because of the show. Face it:  if you're not currently under a bridge with a pile of sweet blue rock, you're clearly a goddamn poseur. Because, like Mike told us, 'No more half measures, Walter.' No more half-measures Breaking Baddies: get hooked and unplug. 

That said,  my particular bridge got cable just in time for the finale, so I know that they stuck the ending and Walt went out in an artfully constructed blaze of glory. Sort of.  Either way, the show is over and the idiots are still coming out to say stuff. Last week, it was theories ranging from 'Space Aliens' to 'Color Coded Messages in Aunt Marie's Pantie Drawer'. Now, it's like the 9/11 of TV. Where were you when it happened how did it affect you?

No one cares.

From the Comments Section of Badfinger's Baby Bluevideo on You Tube, here are some dumb people who think you care:

All good things have to end friend.Would we love kurt cobain, Tupac, John lennon as much as we do know if they had lived? [sic]


Walt, Heisenberg, Jesse... gonna miss you like someone removed a hemisphere of my brain. Jess made it out because Walt rescued him. I could have cried. Fucking amazing show. The world is lessened by it's ending. Oh yeah, fuck the Nazi's and suck it Todd.


I CANT EVEN THINK. I CANT EVEN MOVE. IM PARALYZED. good bye old friend.. [sic]


Walt could wake up in the hospital next season, right? Jesse has legally adopted Brock & works at BestBuy. Lydia went to Switzerland for the best medical treatment money can buy, but dies anyway. Skyler gets lung cancer. Jr. uses his inheritance to buy out a failing medical marijuana interest becomes wildly successful & his MS goes into remission. Holly grows up with Daddy issues & becomes a stripper....Please, say it doesn't have to end [sic]

Actually, wait, give that last guy a job. Please?