Jelena Kovacic Lingerie Modeling on a Yacht, Boats Get All the Good Looking Women

I think it’s pretty clear by now. You own a yacht, you get hot international models showing off in lingerie on your vessel. I mean, on your boat. Keep your vessel in your shorts, Quickdraw.

Serbian super hottie Jelena Kovacic took to the high seas for some passion inducing lingerie and bikini shots whilst pimping the euro Palmer’s Lingerie line because if there’s anywhere underwear on a woman is appropriate, it’s while doing fifteen knots windward on the Caspian. I didn’t pay attention in geography so forgive me if that makes no sense. What is perfectly clear is Jelena’s absolutely faptstic female form. I bet the wardrobe changes were phenomenal on the forecastle. I’m learning boating terminology for that moment I finally launch my own yacht any or modified dinghy with sail. Chicks dig boats. It’s a truism as old as time. Noah probably got serious play. I want to be next. Jelena, send me your thirty-seven digit Serbian phone number. I’ve got big plans. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Palmer’s Lingerie

Alicia Arden Bikini Car Wash Because The Veteran Asstastic Can Never Be Soapy Enough

Veteran B-movie actress Alicia Arden has made a recent habit out of washing her Honda at a self-car wash in West Hollywood whilst donning only a revealing bikini. It’s a habit everyone of the gentleman ogler persuasion in the area has been plenty pleased to experience. It’s not that every woman should done a bright showy tiny bikini to spray down her car, just the ones who can carry it off, like Alicia, who has been working steadily under the radar in this town for some time.

Everybody talks about beautification of their neighborhood and urban landscape, but how many actually take the time each weekend to go out and do something about it. Alicia’s arse in that red bikini and her burgeoning boobtastic are akin to any city garden or civic mural. In fact, I bet they’re far superior in the tactile department. I applaud Alicia’s benevolence as I do her booty. Quite impressive for one veteran giver of asstastic proportions. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Natalia Paris Topless Sextastic Booty Call in Front of the Eiffel Tower

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Natalia Paris topless in Paris? Um yeah. Another idea so simply faptastic yet dangerously alluring that it just had to come from the groovy minded folks at SoHo in Colombia who took this hot, naughty, and downright dangerous model Natalia Paris and took her to Paris to show off without many clothes. Why didn’t I think of this? Okay, I did, but Natalia returned all my letters unread, including the one containing the candy valentine hearts. I did eat those, they shouldn’t go to waste.

The form girlfriend of many a bad-ass warlord and such, Natalia shows that she’s still got plenty of tools to make men do battle, or in the least, lots of really thoughtless things. Her booty alone in front of the Eiffel Tower has to be considered one of the combined wonders of the modern world. There is a reason that damn thing remains erect after 150 years. Women such as Natalia Paris flashing their brilliant T’s and even more alluring A’s to its skeletal structure. These are the days I wish I were a very wealthy Frenchman. Or just the wealthy part. Enjoy.

You may remember how we first met Natalia Paris, by way of the world’s luckiest teddy bear. Oh, to be stuffed like this:

Photo Credit: Soho Magazine

Katie Cassidy And Emily Bett Rickards Bikini Arrows Co-Starlet Fun Time in Miami

The only thing better than seeing luscious built TV actress Katie Cassidy bouncing around the beach in Miami in a bikini is seeing her frolicking with her Arrow co-starlet Emily Bett Rickards, the two ladies forming a super-sextastic bootastic exhibiting duo. You know how I feel when the ladies get together for bikini beach vacations. Well, yes, jealous, but also like somebody lit a firecracker in my privates, but in a good way. As if there’s a bad way.

Katie is on day something many of her multiple bikini wearing show off time in South Florida. She’s been dazzling our prurient peepers for days now with her various two piece bits of perfection. Emily brings to bear her own tiny swimsuit assets, the two of them together forming a passion inducing sandwich of extraordinary goodness. I wish more female co-stars would bikini together. If this is a trend, consider me beyond happy. Bless you, ladies. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Cobie Smulders Major Sideboob For Women’s Health

Cobie Smulders showed some serious sideboobage action in this photoshoot for Women’s Health Magazine. I guess it’s promoting breast health, which we are all about here at Egotastic. We love boobies too much. Cobie has got an extremely hot rack. In fact, the only reason I ever watched that mediocre How I met Your Mother show, (yeah, I said it), was so that I could ogle her in tight sweaters. If I was that sad sack Ted I would have fallen for her too. She’s got that whole hot girl that lives across the street that you are too scared to ask out on a date thing down pat. I hear she’s pretty cool from some friends that worked on the aforementioned show. I bet she’d be down to clown.

But I digress. What I do know is that I miss seeing her every week. Some network please hire her soon and dress her in tight sweaters for us all.

Photo Credit: Women’s Health Magazine

Rihanna Eats Mangos In A Bikini In Hawaii

Rihanna can do just about anything and make it hot. Whether it’s dancing, wearing shirts with no bras, or eating mangoes. She was recently spotted in Hawaii doing just that while wearing a tiny bikini. The top of the white bikini could barely contain those her mangoes. There was a bit of sideboob and, of course, amazing cleavage. That’s sort of her specialty. If you see Rihanna she is flashing some serious cleavage 24/7. But that’s not all, folks. She also has on a pair of shorty shorts that were completely see-through. The result is that you could see her fabulous booty in the bikini bottom. Rihanna has a killer thumper. I for one would like to get to know it better. While that may never happen, (unless she’s into chubby Cuban guys), I have the occasion to admire it from afar fairly often as she has it on display on a regular basis.

I love mangoes. I love them even more now. I could watch a sexy woman eating fruit all the time. There is just something about the juices dripping down her chin that does it for me.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Kendall Jenner Uncut and Victoria Justice Leather in Leather Shorts (VIDEO)

Yeah, I got my act together this week and actually got this out on Sunday night. I do spend much of my weekends volunteering at the Home for Wayward Teen Girls, so it’s not as if I’m just twiddling my thumbs, though that is what you should say you’re doing on the off chance you get caught leering. The point is, I’ve been watching videos again online and wanted to share a few of my favorites this weekend with you. No foxes nursing cats or skateboard nut punches here. Though I do love both of those. Just a few of the sextastic celebrities we love to see in motion showing off in front of the cameras.

How about an even more intimate look at Kendall Jenner uncut extras from behind the scenes of her epic GQ shoot, a couple hotties in concert baring skin, Victoria Justice and Charli XCX (okay, so not my music, but those girls in concert, wow), and a look at the slinky loveliness that is Amber Seyer, Miss Missouri and the current Mrs. Barry Zito, in little bits of lingerie and one lucky teddy bear. Oh, sure, occasionally I’ll tune in to PBS, but these crazy sextastic lovelies are more akin to my own personal masterpiece theater. Enjoy.