Selena Gomez Cleavage and Hot Legs for Kimmel

Selena Gomez really is growing into her role as minxy sex symbol these days. The starlet has turned into the ingenue who has turned into the confident petite hottie who struts onto the set of late night talk shows to promote her movies and songs in classy, but revealing cleavage and leg baring dresses, knowing she will be the absolute center of attention. That takes confidence, some maturity, and a whole lot of sextastic.

Selena Gomez hit up Jimmy Kimmel to talk about her new movie, explain that negative comments about her online don't affect her while looking affected, and generally just look as alluring as my belusted little Latina diva can look. I wasn't paying attention to her words so much as I was ogling her fantastically perfect lovely female form. I hope her movie does well, whatever it is. Enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Flashes Extra Crotchety Crotch Shots for the Good People of Australia

I suppose if Aussie Iggy Azalea is going to roam the streets of America flashing her coochie cleft, it's only fair that Miley Cyrus take her crotch flashing show to Australia to give the good folks of Sydney a solid view of her leotard sucked up into her lady nest. That's the type of free trade you don't hear discussed much in Washington, but it really is the most important.

Miley has turned flashing her lower parts into something of a fine art along her Bangerz tour, though every now and then you can just tell she's putting a little more oomph into exposing her nether regions. I can't imagine the tween girls of Australia will soon forget this performance. It's kind of like attending a sex ed class set to music, or whatever you might call Bangerz. Miley, once again, you have raised the bar for all other pop divas. Or lowered the bar I suppose if you were to take an unnecessarily moral stance. Either way, thank you for being on the forefront of public displays of crotch. Enjoy.

Iggy Azalea Camel Toe Bounds Like a Joey Down Under

Iggy Azalea is doing everything big these days. Big records, big audiences, big scandals, and yesterday in Los Angeles, big camel toe. You know I've always got my eyes peeled for the eye of the camel as it is, but when you're wearing super tight bright orange shorts and your fully loaded buttside is stretching them super tight around your frontside, well, the camel toe red alert sirens just go off by themselves. Iggy's cleft almost sucked those entire shorts up in into her happy parts. That would've been a sight.

Say what you want about Iggy Azalea, she puts on a solid exhibition, on stage, in public, and perhaps on tape according to her ex-boyfriend slash producer. I admire a woman who loves to put on a good show and bring smiles to complete strangers. What have you done to make a million people happy today? You see how I turned that on you. Iggy for Camel Toe President. Enjoy.

Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Sure, ‘Smash Bros.’ is TOTALLY Like Having Sex

If there’s one thing the Internet has an ample supply of (not sexually-frustrated housewives wanting to show you their cooches in exchange for your credit card details, another thing), it’s dickish theories. The global freedom of the interwebs means that any dumbass with fingers can blog about whatever takes their fancy.

You know the sorts of things that kooks need to bring to the planet’s attention. The old classic ‘Martians stealing brainwaves’ talk on, that cat conspiracy to overthrow us and take over the world... it’s all there, and it’s all effing nuts.

But this? This is a step too far. This week, Destructoid’s Sup Holmes asks Is Smash Bros. Just Like Sex?

Now, we’re with you in the ‘slowly building up to an explosive, crazy-ass lightshow finale’ sense (well, if you’re having your sex right, that is). But elsewhere in Nintendo’s toontastic brawler, you’ll find all kinds of not sexy.

But it just goes to show, if you want something enough and your horny heart is pure, you can appreciate the sexiness in anything. It’s like one of those inspirational after school specials gone x-rated.

READER FINDS: Kelly Brook Topless, Nicole Kidman Nekkid, Emma Watson Super Fine and Much Much More…


There comes a time in a man's life when he just needs to grab hold of what's near and dear to him and shout, yes, today is the day I get to open the Reader email bag! It really is the day. Each Friday morning I unfurl the velveteen bag originally gifted to me by a fisherman in the North Sea and dump out the weekly bounty of letters from each and every one of you, or some of you, representing all of you, all filled with skin and sextastic and potential for joy. It's my reverse Santa Clause, with a heavy does of a nekkid Mrs. Kringle.

This week's Reader Finds includes our dear friend Jordan Carver covered topless and extra hot in video stills (thank you Egotastic! reader 'Ben B.'), Emma Watson in one spicy hot photoshoot (blessings from 'Devon'), Ione Skye topless in several onscreen appearances (ta-ta throwbacks courtesy of 'Wendy'), Valeria Golino topless on the silver screen (beauty abounds thanks to 'Owen F.'), Catalina Denis topless on the boob tube (dropped off by 'Darian'), Monica Bellucci topless and as ever, wicked hot (thank you kindly to 'Maestro'), Shannon Elizabeth topless and working it (big funion blessings from 'Rob'), Danneel Harris topless and making the sexy (tender moments provided by 'Danny H.'), Miranda Richardson flashing her awesome udders for skinematics (thoughtful puppies views from back in the day via 'Marrion'), Nicole Kidman nekkid and thespianic (Down Under peeps delivered by 'Noel'), Alyssa Sutherland topless in Vikings on TV (don't miss these twin horns from 'Stephen'), Cindy Crawford and her hot supermodel friends in see-through tops (yeah, you'll like that thanks to 'Evan R.'), Stacy Haiduk of Skinemax fame working her onscreen wares (lovelies dished out by 'Les G.'), Kelly Brook topless in her Loaded spread (pun intended and offered up by 'Frank D.'), Sigourney Weaver topless in the tub (daring bared wares thanks to 'Klein'), Angelina Jolie topless in a less heralded role (udders of the hottie from 'Daniel'), Sara Corrales wicked pole dancing in Soho (provided kindly by 'David M.'), and last, but bodaciously not at all least, the boldly busty Lucie Wilde in some of her more adult work (eye spied by porn connoisseurs 'Aaron B.' and 'Jon K.').

Cynthia Escobar Bikini Hot Sides Show Off Poolside in Vegas

I've never met Cynthia Escobar, I'm going to assume she's a good and decent and smart woman. And, there's something else about this Spanish model I have to say I admire as well. Yes, you got me. Her proper use of skincare products and SPF suntan protection layers. I bet you thought I was going to say her enormous cans and crazy hot asstastic. Like you know me so well after all these years.

Cynthia was hanging poolside in Vegas just to remind the guys the kind of girlfriend they might someday have if they hit their roulette number, oh, four to five times in a row. Barring that, you better tell some wicked funny jokes in Spanish and look like Antonio Banderas or what happens in Vegas may just be staying in your pants. I twisted that slogan to teach you a lesson about leering. It costs nothing and nobody's feelings get hurt. Cynthia, I'm sorry to rudely interrupt. Please go back to crawling all over those lounge chairs in your undersized bikini. Enjoy.

Bella Thorne Working Out, Arianny Celeste Cleavy Worked Out, Jen Selter Asstastic Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Oh, my oh my. You wouldn't hardly know that summer is well behind us from the bounty of self-published celebrity photos emanating voluntarily from the cell phones and tablets of some of the world's hottest celebrities. It's like a river of hotness that keeps on flowing. Though we should still be mindful to recycle our plastic bottles and re-use condoms. I'm actually not sure that last part is recommended.

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes Arianny Celeste cleavy super goodness, Bella Thorne working out her Disney movie parts, Jen Selter and her amazing asstastic, Miley Cyrus in various states of undress, Crystal Hefner boobtastic and fine, Charlotte McKinney bosomy pressed bosoms, Beyonce in hot leather shorts, and much much more. You owe it to the hot nurses prepping for Halloween parties to check out each and every one of these skin filled social media share pics. That's an order. Enjoy.