‘Pacific Rim’ Might Get a Sequel Thanks to Communist China

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bill-swift - August 2, 2013

Based solely on the American box office, Pacific Rim could be considered a flop for pulling in just $87 million since its release. Match that against an estimated $190 million budget, and the film is on its way to a substantial loss. And for those of you who don't follow the industry or understand basic business concepts, movies that lose money usually don't get sequels.

But not so fast! Here comes Communist China to the rescue!

Thanks to a huge international turnout, including the highest ever returns for a Warner Bros. film in China ($9 million), Pacific Rim is already in the green with $227 million in sales worldwide. And considering the film still hasn't been released in some countries including Brazil, there's a good chance that the international market will end up justifying a sequel.

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