Jessica Simpson the Cowgirl!

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Echo Lawrence - June 29, 2020

Jessica Simpson is coming through strong with the cowgirl vibes and since she’s from Texas this new trend is a natural fit for her. I admire that she’s has her own clothing line for what seems like 20 years now, where she can take hold of this Country trend and make her own cow print bikinis! Here she is showing off her figure in her body's last days of being 39, Jessica turns 40 on July 10th. Wait, is this where they got the word "SIMP" from? Jessica SIMPson?? I get it now!

Speaking of this country theme, here comes Anastasia Ashley always a killer, surfing in a Cowboy hat and boots this weekend in Texas. Hopefully not catching COVID-19 in that hotspot, or a brain eating amoeba in that wave pool, we must protect her!