Olympia Valance Black Bikini in Greece

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aldo-vallon - September 25, 2017

 Even though it is not spelled remotely close, I cannot hear the name Valance without thinking of Ritchie Valens. If you are anything like me the you too probably have La Bamba playing in your head, so you are welcome for that. It is a nearly perfect song and always a great choice for karaoke. As soon as it comes on the crowd goes wild. You could have them eating out of your hand in no time. No one is strong enough to resist the high energy of that song. It is like lithium on steroids. If that song is played on the juke box of a dive bar where everyone is sorrowfully drinking their beer, they will soon be dancing up a storm and ready to win their families back.

I wonder if that knot on the front of Olympia's bikini is functional or decorative. If it is really the only thing holding that top on then I must give her the credit she is due by trusting it. I have never been able to trust a knot to keep my shoelaces tied, I certainly would not be able to trust one to keep my swim trunks on thereby preventing me from being put on a registry. 


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News