Olivia Munn Combines Cleavage and Comedy to Near Perfection

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bill-swift - March 29, 2011

Fapping fanboys and newcomers to the Olivia Munn lust train, hop on board, because the sextastic locomotive is leaving the station. Olivia Munn is starting to steal the show at red carpet events with her geek-girl sweetness and her surprisingly full funbags. At the newly launched Comedy Awards this weekend, Olivia Munn was top hawt dog, showing the smile and cleavage that will ultimately make her a superstar. Okay, granted, these are the Comedy Awards, and, at one time, gristly Jeanine Garrafalo was considered a good looking comedienne, still, Olivia Munn takes funny to an entirely new level of ogle worthiness. Standing next to Sarah Jessica Parker in an upcoming movie is only going to skyrocket Olivia's relative hotness rating, and, then, expect a fanboy release of epic proportions. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News