Miss USA Olivia Jordan Pink Thong Booty Cheeks

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bill-swift - July 18, 2015

Miss USA Olivia Jordan has something of a working girl past. No, not that kind of working girl. A working model and thespianic perhaps a bit more than they let on in these pretend-amateur beauty pageants. Gone are the days of girls plucked from the Kansas cornfields to present themselves dolled up for the first time at eighteen. It's now 20-something experienced hotties with on-camera experience. It's hard to say which is better, both work for me in my dreams.

Thanks to EgoReader 'Greg R.' for spotting one of these blessed previous exposures of Olivia Jordan in bra and thong preening about for the Penelope Cruz directed Agent Provocateur lingerie long form commercials. It's a big thing in Europe. And Olivia, dressed in the pink lingerie, all tall and blonde and lovely and booty perfect, expresses herself in a way that truly represents the USA beyond just juggling bowling balls and coming up with solutions for world peace. Bless your body of work, Olivia. You deserve more than just a crown. Would you like to peek at my scepter? Why are you giggling? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Agent Provocateur