Robin Thicke’s GF April Love Geary Pregnant Bikinilicious Rides Like the Wind

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brian-mcgee - October 10, 2017

Paula Patton lookalike April Love Geary may be twenty years younger than boyfriend Robin Thicke and look eerily like his ex-wife, but she's still rocking a rock hard bikini bod well into her second trimester! In honor of her carrying his child nearly to term, here is Thicke's cover of the Christopher Cross classic, "Ride Like the Wind" in this edition of Jukebox Selects! 

For the record, Thicke's version doesn't hold a candle to the Chris Cross original, but nothing holds a candle to that snake charmin' so and so. The man's a genius, plus he's got Michael McDonald backing him. Robin Thicke's got Will Ferrell in full blown Goulet mode—despite playing Ron Burgundy in the song, though they were basically the same character anyway, weren't they?

Anyway, as you sift through these hot pics of April Love Geary in a bikini and pregnant while her significant other croons away on a certified yacht rock classic, think about how great it is that Robin Thicke landed on his feet. I was worried there for a minute that a philandering jagoff like him might have just faded into obscurity. Thank goodness he's doing better than ever. 

Photo Credit: Instagram