(Not) Motorboating the Biggest Boobs Ever, at the Tokyo Game Show

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chris-littlechild - September 23, 2014

Some games just can't resist the chest-tastic breast-tastic. As we speak, Dead or Alive is perfecting its new ‘sweatiness' mechanic, which sees the tops of its perky pugilists getting increasingly see-through as fights go on. Then there's Senran Kagura, which managed to turn an innocuous cooking game into some kind of naughty sex-romp (well, kinda). We'll never look at slicing a cucumber the same way again.

Still, your Ego-buddies have been known to enjoy a quick ogle at the fine female form ourselves. Y'know, from time to time (from 9 to 5, for instance). So why the eff not? We aren't judging.

Until this damn thing appeared at the Tokyo Game Show last week, that is. You bet your balls we're judging now. Feast your eyes and loins on the new-levels-of-creepy OneeChanbara Z2: Chaos demo kiosk.

Perhaps we're being overly critical. After all, if there's one thing these trade shows need, it's the chance to thrust your face into a twenty-foot pair of tits. Besides, by OneeChanbara standards, this is practically wholesome.

Story/image via Kotaku.

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