Noah Cyrus on 420 for Miley’s Potential Pregnancy!

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Echo Lawrence - April 21, 2020

Noah Cyrus is another big pot head who was celebrating 420 yesterday on Instagram live. Miley’s little sister put on her KUSH sports bra and lit up her joint. She was joined by some of her guests on IG live and celebrated 420 accordingly. She later changed into a patterned silk shirt and cowboy hat which had everyone point out how much she looks like her father Billy Ray Cyrus. Noah looks like she was well prepared for this 420 IG Party, she uploaded images of ounces of marijuana and different edibles. She also ripped her bong a few hundred times and smoked an 8 gram Backwood. Here she is in her bra cause its hot!

Her sister MILEY on the other hand told her fans that she would not be smoking weed on 420 this year, which has now lead to people believing she’s knocked up with Cody Simpson’s baby. I didn’t expect Miley to not smoke pot during pregnancy but we’ll see what happens in 9 months!

SO did 420 reveal that MILEY CYRUS is potentially pregnant?

Here's Noah!

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