Ninel Conde Lingerie Pictures for the Telenovela Super Sexy Soap-Down

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bill-swift - October 30, 2010

Say hola to Ninel Conde, hottie star of numerous Mexican telenovelas and occasional Ugly Betty guest star and all around super sexy Latina singer, actress, and just plain old hot MILF-thing. Oh, man, I am super-lusting this Latina tour of sweetness we are currently undertaking. I mean, I know many of you simply don't have the same amount of time or Oxycontin in your medicine cabinets to spend half the day before the boob tube glazed over as hot Hispanic women slap each other to and fro every time the sexy doctor or abogado fools around. That's where I come in. I could watch these sultry Latinas in tight little dresses and high heels firing red-nail-polish-roundhouses morning, noon, and night. And I do. And, then, when H Para Hombres magazine lands at my door with Ninel Conde featured in its pages, just weep like a child on Christmas morning. I do. And, I want to share with you. These Ninel Conde lingerie pictures are simply a must-ogle. Twice or thrice. Enjoy.