Nicole Williams Shows Lots of Chest in Sexy Ensemble

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Mitch Jablonski - October 21, 2019

The streets of Rome were at the sexiest they've been in some time thanks to Nicole Williams walking around in this shirt that, as the caption says, left very little to the imagination. The opening in the blouse she's wearing shows some amazing cleavage and plenty of chest, which are pretty much two of the best things one can hope for when laying eyes on the gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh that is Nicole Williams.

I was tempted to leave out the pictures of her with some German fashion designer douchebag, but I left them in because those two pictures have two of the best looks at Nicole Williams' breasts. There's plenty of pics of Nicole solo if that's the sort of thing you need to see, but trust me when I say that the two pics with that Eurotrash dude have the best looks at her breasts in the bunch!

I don't know where Nicole Williams will turn up next and I have absolutely no clue what she'll be wearing, but I can guarantee it will get the blood boiling and the passions rising. It's the Nicole Williams way and there's just no arguing with that level of perfection.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency