Nicole Scherzinger Cleavetastic Hotness in Azerbaijan

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bill-swift - June 28, 2017

I must admit to never taking in a concert in Azerbaijan before, but I might trek East for the likes of Nicole Scherzinger showing off her veteran hot body performing in concert with The Black Eyes Peas. The latter of which holds almost no meaning to me. The former is currently rocking my boat.

Nicole is one of those super hotties with the righteous female form who only comes out once a month or so in public, but each time she does you're reminded how the sultry skinned former Pussycat Doll puts the meow into the music. 

Nicole barely remained contained in her tiny stage outfit, her boobtastic busting forth like a trumpet from heaven. Or how I imagine those trumpets to look. She made the show, my night, and my overnight dreams. Nicole, you are super fine and only getting hotter. Let's visit all the "Stans" together in a caravan of soft blankets and prophylactics. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid