Nicole Minetti Bikini Pictures Sweat Up South Beach

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bill-swift - December 29, 2012

You may recall Nicole Minetti is the Italian showgirl caught up in the Prime Minister Berlusconi sex romp scandal, which turned into her become a council member from Northern Italy, then when Berlusconi asked her to drop out of politics, she demanded one million dollars or a sweet job on one of his media channel's TV shows. Smart girl.

Well, now you can recall Nicole Minetti from her boobtastic adventures for the holidays in Miami, barely contained bosom in her sweaty bikini top, soaking up the South Floriday sunshine with heaps and loads of other sextastic celebrities all drawn to Miami for the winter. Now, if you like a curvy Italian gal with a bottomside that you could spend a near lifetime gently punishing with a firm hand, than Nicole Minetti might just be for you. Albeit, be sure to have that million dollars on hand. Enjoy.