Nicki Minaj Kicks off Cleavage Day and Other Fine Things to Ogle

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bill-swift - March 31, 2012

Demi Lovato gets nekkid in her new video. (Idolator)

Nicki Minaj helps celebrate 'National Cleavage Day.' I thought that was every day. (Celebuzz)

Madonna shows a lot of cleavtastic in a commercial. (HuffPo)

Best celebrity beach bodies, since it's almost bikini time. (FoxNews)

Jessie J flaunts what her momma gave her in a catsuit. (Idolator)

This hottie just made me want to go rock climbing. Or at least watch it. (CollegeHumor)

'Mad Men' boasts a bevy of beautiful women. Who's number one? (Ranker)

Beyonce and Christina Milian face off in a hot pink showdown. (TheFABlife)

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