Nice Work, Japan! Innocent Cooking Game Becomes Boobtastic Jiggleathon (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - January 9, 2014

As we know, nobody --nobody ever-- loves their animated ladyfolk with vastly exaggerated chests quite like our friends in Japan. The Land of the Rising Wang lives for this stuff, with anime characters often sporting the kind of 'mams that would make the ladies of Dead or Alive feel a little inadequate.

After all, there are boob men, and then there are ‘monster boobs that wobble frantically like two jello desserts in a hurricane at the slightest movement' men. Or something. Calm the eff down, Japan, is where we're going with this. Won't somebody think of these poor fictional ladies and their chiropractor bills? Where will they shop for bras or bikini tops that fit? Where?

Which brings us to the infamously jiggly jugs of the Senran Kagura series. Today, Kotaku brought us Deka Mori Senran Kagura, a supposedly-innocuous ‘cooking-themed rhythm game' coming to PS Vita later this year. You know how it is, you're deciding to be tasteful and wholesome for once when, quite accidentally, everybody's clothes fall off and a small squid gets lodged in somebody's cleavage. It could happen to anyone.

After the jump, take a look (if you dare) at the trailer for this weirdness. Or, even better, don't bother, and content yourself with the above supercut of bouncing boobs in TV and movies, which we've provided in Senran Kagura's honor.

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