NHL 13 Reveals Gameplay in New Commentary Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 25, 2012

With sports games it's extra important to highlight all of the new stuff gamers are getting in the next version, lest a company like EA SPORTS is accused of updating rosters and rolling out the same old tripe. And so after months of NHL 13 getting us to focus on the new skating mechanic and other minor enhancements, we're now finally going to see how the game actually looks when a human is playing against the CPU. In theory, all of the new elements should come together here into one fluid flowing and all new experience that's still NHL hockey as we've come to know it. That's hell of a needle to thread if you're EA SPORTS, but ultimately as long as Rick Nash is on the Rangers and other rosters are updated, most NHL fans will be happy to have a new game for their favorite sport.

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