NBA 2K13 Reminds Us There Will Be Lots of Offense in New Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 11, 2012

This latest trailer for NBA 2K13 --executive produced by Jay-Z, even-- showcases a ton of offense and emotion. And it's really the emotion of players like Josh Smith and Paul Pierce celebrating after plays that sells the excitement of this game. You'll most likely see these outbursts during replays only because most in-game cameras are optimized for gameplay, not watching player faces. So don't button-mash through the replays if you want to get emotionally involved with guys like Garnett and John Wall.

Now here's what I wasn't ready to see in this trailer: Montae Ellis on the Bucks. Yeah I know that deal happened last season, but seeing him in a Bucks uniform dropping 18-foot jump shots in a video game really brings it home for me. This trailer doesn't show Andrew Bogut in uniform for the Warriors, and that won't look weird at all.