Natasha Poly Helps Kick Off Winter Bikini Season in South Florida

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bill-swift - November 6, 2012

There are only two seasons in Miami Beach, summer and winter. The former sees the crazy ladies from serious tanning countries taking to the wicked hot sands of South Florida to show off their sweaty sultry bodies. The winter season tends to see the slightly more fair-skinned celebrity sextastic, like Russian supermodel Natasha Poly, flitting about in a skimpy little bikini, showing off her multi-million dollar fashion-pimping frame.

It's lean and lithesome, but for those of you clamoring for more au natural bodies, Natasha Poly is a girl you could get in bed with, I mean, if you were super rich and drove a $250K sports car and owned that fancy beach front villa as a vacation property in Miami. Enjoy.