Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly Black And White and Hot All Over in Latest Edition of Lui


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When Russian born super sextastic model Natasha Poly was declared an official icon by, do you think she went into exhibitionist hiding? Resting on her laurels, no need to share her genetically blessed wonders with the rest of the world? Nay, this woman is not only a professional good looking person, she’s a giver in the truest sense of the word. When’s the last time you made a million men happy? Please, don’t answer that if it’s some lurid answer you know will upset me.

Featured in the latest edition of Lui Magazine, only the best thing to come out of France since wine and fromage, Natasha Poly perfects the alluring topless motif in her colorfully appealing bit of black and white sensual reveals. I’m quite captivated, like the first time I saw the Matterhorn at Disneyland as a child. It looked so incredible, so real. As does Natasha Poly. I’d stand in line for three hours on a hot summer day to wind through her portals while screaming my head off in half glee, half terror. I really ought grow up at some point. Stupendous work, Natasha. Please, don’t ever stop. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine

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Natasha Poly Black and White and Topless All Over for Diaphanous Exhibition

Natasha Poly Topless in Exhibition Magazine #4
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Natasha Poly is big time in the modeling world of fashion and style and all the thing we don’t care so much about until the sextastic Russian takes most of her clothes off for a stellar hot topless photoshoot for Exhibition magazine. The periodical seems quite appropriately titled as Natasha is draped in but some loose fitting bits of material and poses and preens her especially sweet and treat-filled body for the black and white shooting cameras.

You know it’s artistic when it’s in black and white. And you know it’s Egotastic when it’s flashing all kinds of nekkid body skin. Sometimes, the two mix quite well. Bless you, Natasha, for being so not shy and so gentleman ogler friendly. Enjoy.

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Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers Topless in Exhibition Magazine

Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers Topless in Exhibition Magazine 2014
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Do you love when hot Russian, German, and Polish supermodels get together and take their tops off for the camera? Why, of course you do.

Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers are all taking off their tops for the love of art and showing off in Exhibition magazine, a periodical just by title alone you know we’re going to fancy. I do love when high-minded visuals lead to happy time views that tingle my low-minded areas. And these four beauties stepping right out of my European fantasy logs and onto the actual real life screen, well, consider me an aficionado of the art today. Enjoy.

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Claudia Romani, Natasha Poly, and Rita Rusic Form a Multi-Generational Multi-National Bikini Hotness Spectacle in Miami

Let’s start with the caveat that we’d trade our left nut for the chance to employ our remaining jewel in or around the sweet delights of any one (or more) of Italian model Claudia Romani

Russian fashion model Natasha Poly

or our supreme mommy dearest transplant, Rita Rusic

all three of whom appeared in bikinis in Miami as part of an legal alien invasion of the most awesome kind. If we can keep exporting the likes of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, and receiving Claudia, Natasha, and Rita in return, I’d call us coming out on top in the Trans-Atlantic trade department. Enjoy.

Natasha Poly Goes for a Bikini Swim on the Beach of Miami

Natasha Poly Helps Kick Off Winter Bikini Season in South Florida

There are only two seasons in Miami Beach, summer and winter. The former sees the crazy ladies from serious tanning countries taking to the wicked hot sands of South Florida to show off their sweaty sultry bodies. The winter season tends to see the slightly more fair-skinned celebrity sextastic, like Russian supermodel Natasha Poly, flitting about in a skimpy little bikini, showing off her multi-million dollar fashion-pimping frame.

It’s lean and lithesome, but for those of you clamoring for more au natural bodies, Natasha Poly is a girl you could get in bed with, I mean, if you were super rich and drove a $250K sports car and owned that fancy beach front villa as a vacation property in Miami. Enjoy.

Natasha Poly Topless Pictures Glow in Frenchie Vogue

Natasha Poly Glows in the Vogue France June 2012 Topless Photoshoot
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We were just ogling the super sexy supermodel Natasha Poly during her red carpet ventures in Cannes last week, and, to our good fortune, the Russian hottie is now featured in this month’s Vogue France. And to our better fortune, she’s kind of topless, which is a treasure worth more than gold, well, more than the drachma at least.

Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if American fashion and beauty magazines featured some of the hotter models and celebs in the world flashing their bare tops; I know it would make my free skimming four hour perusal sessions at the outdoor magazine stand far more memorable. Enjoy.

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