Naomi Watts Naturally MILFtastic Swimsuit Tugs Down Under

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bill-swift - December 29, 2015

Naomi Watts will forever be a MILFy fantasy of mine. The blonde Australian is one of the least glamorous and most un-primped sextastic celebrity we follow when the lights are not on for a role or public appearance, which in my leering eye just makes her all the more like the real hot mom of my naughtiest of nighttime dreams. I want the blonde veteran hottie au natural on the beach, flaws and fun parts alike.

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Naomi took to the shoreline of her native Australia over the holidays in a one piece swimsuit that needed constant tugging and re-adjustment., a service which you know I gladly provide to the hot moms on the beach free of charge. They need only alert me on my app, Bill Is a Dirty Sonuvabitch, and I'm there within minute to help pull their swimsuit bottoms out of their blessed cracks and readjust their tops so their teats fits just ever so perfect. I like giving back to the community. Naomi, I respect your mom-first attitude. I'm a mom-first ogler from way back. We should have coffee, naked. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI