Naomi Watts Bikini Pictures for a Perty Purply Nipply View of Our Pasty Sweetheart

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bill-swift - January 1, 2013

We've had a major crush on Naomi Watts for a full on decade or more now, our fair haired beauty who while she has turned her back on Hottieville for motherhood the past few years, always manages to surprise us with a little skin show every now and then still. As she did today in St. Bart's, her skin obviously not accustomed to the direct rays of the sun, her pale white body in a little purple bikini, nipples thrust toward the flaming ball in the sky so many millions of miles away.

It's inspiring really when a veteran hottie we never expect to see again pops out in a little bikini on the beach, just for a little titillating reminder of glories past. So, consider us on full titillation mode here today, thanks to Naomi. Enjoy.