Naomi Watts and Robin Wright Swimsuit Pictures from Set of ‘The Grandmothers’

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bill-swift - February 11, 2012

A pair of childhood friends and neighbors fall for each other's sons.

-- plot line for 'The Grandmothers'

Oh, yes, consider me intrigued. Double GILFs getting doubly kinky with each other's boys. I mean, given that this film stars Robin Wright and Naomi Watts, it won't exactly be like the adult films with similar themes we watch her nightly, let alone as hot as a Stephanie Seymour vacation with the boys to the beach, but when taboo is involved, we definitely perk up. And when Robin Wright and Naomi Watts are on set in swimsuits, we double perk.

Now, of course this Aussie-shot film is going to be all sappy and smart and emotional and all the feelings we're uncomfortable with, but during production, we're definitely going to be keeping our peepers on these two ladies, because we are very comfortable when staring. Enjoy.