Naomi Campbell Black Bikini Yacht In Ibiza

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michael-garcia - July 15, 2016

Legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell was spotted in a black bikini on a big 'ol yacht in Ibiza. Naomi dates back to the days when supermodels were household names and appeared in everything from music videos to Pepsi ads. What's amazing is that 25 years later this woman is still effing gorgeous. Look at that body! She's 46, for God's sake. But she's got the booty of a 23 year old. Seriously, scroll through until you get a nice booty shot. I'll wait...See what I mean? I always thought Naomi was the hottest of the 90's supermodels. She's so statuesque. I remember her from the George Michael Freedom video. That had all the early 90's hotties in it. I think I'll go watch that when I'm done with this post. 

I expect many more years of ogling Ms. Campbell, (If you're nasty). It's nice that some things in this world don't change. The sun rises, the moon waxes and wanes, and Naomi Campbell is hot. 


Photo Credit: Splash