‘Mortal Kombat X’ Has Secrets, Mostly Decapitation-Based

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chris-littlechild - April 13, 2016

  DVD and Blu-ray easter eggs aren’t usually the most inspiring stuff. You might get a bonus interview with the filmmakers, for instance, prattling about making shitloads of cash on the movie and how your purchase of said DVD/Blu-Ray will earn them an additional shitload. Great, thanks.  

Did you see the Doctor Who episode where the Doctor himself was an easter egg, warning watchers that a terrifying alien race of living statue-things was coming to eat their gonads? Well, I saw it, and we can all do without that sort of BS either. This kind of thing can ruin your whole day. Easter eggs can really suck, is essentially where I’m going with this.

It seems nobody told Mortal Kombat X, though. The game’s been doing the rounds for some time now, a year this week, and it’s still dropping secrets and easter eggs of its own with every update. Amidst all of the balancing and such that fighting games always need, those canny souls at NetherRealm have been hiding away new brutalities for fans to find.  

As Kotaku reports, these finishers are the hardest to activate, what with the specific conditions that need to be satisfied before they can be performed. Still, a lot of hidden spine-rippin’ intestine-knottin’ finishers have been found recently. Here’s a couple of the best, along with how they’re done:


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