‘Mortal Kombat’ Drops The Most Expensive Action Figure You Ever Saw

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chris-littlechild - March 29, 2016

  For the more discerning, hey-check-my-ass-out-I’ve-got-more-disposable-income-than-Kanye-West sort of gamer, there’s a whole wealth of choices out there.  

How many AAA game these days hit without a trillion different special editions in tow? None, that’s how many. Retailers offer all kinds of exclusive content in their collector’s editions, apocalypse editions, super mega hyper editions and whatever else they’re calling them. All of which come, natch, with a premium pricetag worth of the name.

With a lot of these, the biggest deal is the action figure/statue therein. When it comes to collectibles, these are some of the most popular, and pretty damn sexy some of them are too. The bar is being raised ever higher, in terms of height, build quality and all of that good stuff. And so we arrive at something like this.

Feast your wondering eyes on Pop Culture Shock’s latest Mortal Kombat statue: Reptile. This 28-inch bad boy follows on from PCS’s Sub-Zero sculpture, is goddamn well made, and costs a mighty $750. This is what you get for the fan of face-melty beastmen who has everything.

It has interchangeable regular/skull/reptilian heads and acid dripping/mask holding hands, Game Informer reports, and is being produced in a limited run of 350 units. Preorders get a 15% discount, if you’ve got some cash to burn and want to get in on this. More shots and info over at the link.  

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