More More More Bar Refaeli Sheer Lingerie For Agent Provocateur

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bill-swift - December 22, 2015

While the very freedom fate of uber-sextastic model Bar Refaeli lies in the hands of Israeli authorities, I figured this was the perfect time to double down on Bar Refaeli lingerie goodness with a peek at some stills from her video piece accompanying her sextastic sheer and whole Refaeli lingerie pimping for Agent Provocateur.

Not to get ahead of myself, but if you're the girl in the Israeli prison who gets assigned Bar as your bunkmate for the next couple of years, you have to be pretty stoked. If you're not into lesbionics, you will be after a couple of nights of seeing her return from the shower in her babydoll. I'm pretty sure those are standard issue in the women's clink. Please, take pictures. Can you post to Instagram from prison? Just kidding, this content's going to require a porn tube. Not that I would wish jail upon Bar, but I do dare to dream Sapphic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Agent Provocateur