Monster Energy Girls Boobs Under Fire

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Lex Jurgen - February 24, 2017

Numerous complaints came into Fox and NASCAR about the revealing outfits worn by the Monster Energy promotional girls hanging around the Daytona 500 TV coverage. According to those upset, NASCAR is a family program. Which may well be true, but ignores the fact that your family members also love to see hot chicks in bustiers. No complaints came in about how Monster Energy drinks are largely caffeine bombs with the benefit of half a pound of sugar packaged as cool slamming cans.

NASCAR fans were quick to point out how cheesecake chicks in little clothing have been a part of the auto racing circuit coverage for many decades. Which is true. Also, it's more polite than telling women who complained to shut the fuck up. Monster Energy noted that the outfits worn by the girls this year were actually less revealing than in previous years.

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski noted how little kids see hot chicks in bustiers and don't see sex, that's an adult thing. 

‘What about the children?’ No, it’s more reflective of you seeing this as over-zealous than your kids, because your kids have no idea, and that example could be applied in a number of other areas. I always feel like how you feel about situations like that is reflective of your own baggage, and it’s not fair to apply it to others.”

Keselowski's comment was recorded for the record books as the least pussy thing said by any sports or otherwise public figure about social media bitching in the past decade. Also one of the most insightful. Letting NASCAR drivers lead our nation wouldn't be such a bad thing really. Unless we ever needed to turn right.

Photo Credit: Instagram