Model Sofia Resing’s Gorgeous Good Looks At Tribeca Party

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aldo-vallon - April 30, 2018

I suppose Sofia Resing could serve as one definition of beauty. Sure, she has the chiseled facial features, the flawless skin, the fit body, but I can think of several things that she does not have. And those things are of the type that can make a grown man weep tears of joy.

I have been on this earth for a long time and I have never seen a man weep from the sight of a beautiful woman. I have known a lucky few who have managed to bed some of those women, and none of them were brought to tears when they told the news to me.

Do you know what did bring them to tears? Being let out of work early on a Friday. The sound of a Kobe steak sizzling on a grill. Having a girlfriend breakup with him when he was already in the process of working up the courage to break up with her.

These might not be the types of moments that will ever be published in magazines, or preserved in art museums, but they are beautiful nonetheless and there is no face out there that is symmetrical enough to change that.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Pacific Coast News / Instagram