Miss Universe Swimsuit Competition

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aldo-vallon - November 29, 2017

 For millions of young men around the world these beauty pageants serve as a necessary substitute for the premium channels of cable that they are missing out on. Although now there is so much TNA plastered in every form of media that it may no longer be the case. So only speaking from my own experience, these pageants were a lifesaver, like insulin to a diabetic, when I was a kid. I was deprived of the late night skinemax movies that my peers were provided with and the swimsuit portion of the competition was sometimes the best i could be exposed to for weeks. It was similar to being given tofurkey when I really wanted a real turkey leg, it wasn't the same thing but it was still better than nothing.

Back in those days I do not remember the women wearing that wrap around their waists. Either the rules have changed, or I simply blocked it out because it did nothing for me. Seriously, why cover up one of your best features while competing in a competition that is judging your features? Might as well wear a parka over the swimsuit as well.  

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