Miss Bumbum Erika Canela Gets A Trump Tattoo

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Lex Jurgen - January 14, 2017

The reigning Miss Bumbum from Brazil inked a Trump face tattoo on her back in what Erika Canela called an effort to rid Trump of his anti-Latin American, anti-female views. 

"If Trump knows that I, a black, Latino woman, have his face inked on my body, maybe he might think twice about the way he sees us and show us more love."

I spy at least three logic problems in this exercise. Canela went on to note that while she finds Trump repulsive she can't help but also find his strength and confidence something that makes her weak in the knees. An ass contest winner wants to keep her options open in case this anti-Trump thing doesn't pay off, say, as much as fucking Trump. Clearly, she's seen his tax returns. 

He seemed to be very hateful, especially about Latin Americans, immigrants and women. I've never been to the States, but I know many Brazilians living there who are afraid of being deported when he becomes president.

Would you happen to have their addresses? Decent looking chicks with nice asses have never been deported from anywhere in the history of mankind. Also, please explain why being removed from the horribly hateful United State back to the glory of enlightened Brazil is a bad thing. Start with how plastic six pack rings form a staple in the diet of most Brazilian youth.

Have fun explaining your tortured tattoo logic to the next twenty-thousand times people ask. Your rate for doggy just dropped by sixty percent. 

Photo Credit: Splash