Miranda Kerr Looks Like A Schoolgirl Who Forgot Her Pants (This Is a Good Thing)

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bill-swift - November 17, 2011

A sexy celebrity is far more than just the sum of her parts, but sometimes it's hard to ignore those parts, especially on the likes of uber-sextastic Miranda Kerr, who like so many other celebrity hotties these days is flashing her legs even through the autumnal months. I think it's a fashion trend or something, the kind we can respect, because the lower appendages on a woman are so often overlooked in all the hubbub surrounding the more conspicuously consumed T & ever loving A.

But leg men know what they're talking about, especially when it involves Miranda Kerr in cold New York looking like a buttoned up schoolgirl who forgot to put on her pants. It's a leg-exhibition we're happy to drool over ourselves. Enjoy.