Mexican Model Alejandra Guilmant Wicked Hot in Wurth Calendar Outtakes

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bill-swift - December 3, 2016

En fuego comes to mind as an expression when feasting peeps upon the sultry Mexican hottie likes of Alejandra Guilmant in these stellar and barely covered outtakes from the upcoming 2017 Wurth Calendar.

The model and thespianic from South of the Border shows off her naturally alluring body and especially alluring looks in a series of casually posed photos that truly highlight her sextastic. I do believe I'm in love. Lust. I can never tell the difference until I speak to my accountant at the end of the year. Lust costs more, fyi. Alejandra, you are one truly underrated beauty with a body so fine, the poets must surely write sonnets inspired by your funbags. I've penned a few dirty limericks myself. I shall only share them with you in person. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Wurth Calendar


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