WAGS Miami’s Metisha Schaefer Hot Bikini Pimping Hot Autos

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bill-swift - March 1, 2017

I can't say I watch a lot of E! Television, but they do produce a few shows that have brought to light a few hotties such as Metisha Schaefer. Not sure what her particular skill is outside of bikini model, but not like there needs to be anything outside of that. Especially when you do it as well as Metisha.

In her latest assignment, the alluring boobtastic brunette was hot pimping some kind of foreign import by way of multiple bikini poses and rub up against the upholstery. Sextastic women have been used to sell cars since they first started buying cars. The relationship is certainly one reason men buy expensive sports cars in the first place. Shh, it's a secret. I'm ready to buy. No, not the car. I love Uber. But the girl. Metisha, pack your bikinis. It's time for a vacay. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet