Megan Fox Makes Watches a Thing Again

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brian-mcgee - April 20, 2017

When you think arm accessory, you either think Megan Fox or watches. Thankfully they're both right in this particular instance as Megan is now the spokesmodel for Lotus Watches. Actually, I don't know that spokesmodel is the right word as this is a print ad campaign. It doesn't really work to just call her the model for Lotus since there's some Eurotrash guy with her in one of these ads. Let's just call her the face of Lotus. That works.

Watches used to be a status symbol, but as they became more affordable, they lost that appeal. Now that everyone has a time telling device that also places calls and distracts you while driving, however, watches have once again become a status symbol. They've gone back to being super expensive, and what's more, they tell people you're important. They let people know how busy you are. They say to people, this man doesn't have time to pull out a cell phone to check the time, he's got to have access to the time right on his wrist.

So when you're thinking about which watch to buy, I'd say buy the one that Megan Fox is advertising. She's pretty hot, and seems to know a thing or two about watches.