Megan Fox Gives Brian Austin Green a Hand… Job

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bill-swift - May 25, 2006

There are times when spotting the Paparazzi would save you a lot of embarrassment, and humiliation. Of course, for Brian Austin Green, this isn't one of those times. No, getting a public crotch massage from Megan Fox is probably the most notable thing he's done in quite some time.

I can't even remember what he's been up to since 90210, and I bet no one else can either, but if having a hit TV show ten years ago still makes you cool enough to score with a hottie like Megan Fox, well, more power to you. He may not be Wilmer Valderrama, but getting a public hand job definitely nets him extra points.

I wonder where they're off to now...

Update: I feel compelled to share with you the insightful comment made by The ThighMaster: 9021OH SNAP!