Meet Paige Lillian and Holly Warden, The New Co-Captains Of The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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brian-mcgee - July 19, 2018

We all know what the best part of football season isn't watching old people lose their minds about all the kneeling during the anthem, but rather the incredible cheerleading squads that keep all of us glued to the sidelines when the on-field action stops. This year's Miami Dolphins Cheerleading squad is shaping up to be the sexiest yet thanks to their new co-captains, Paige Lillian and Holly Warden!

These two beauties bring a ton of class to the organization and will be terrific ambassadors for their sport. Is cheerleading a sport? I used to have this argument all the time with a cheerleader in high school, who insisted it was a sport. I ended up caving and telling her she was right because she was hot and had big tits, but I don't think she ever had me convinced that was the case. I say there needs to be a ball involved for it to be a sport, but she disagreed.

I'm sure we could argue about that all day, but let's focus our attention on something that's not worth arguing about: how hot this year's co-captains are. These are two seriously hot ladies that are going to have me tuning in to every game this season.

Photo Credit: Splash News