Meanwhile in ‘Street Fighter V’: Awful Cosplay, Brazilians and Beatdowns

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chris-littlechild - July 9, 2015

Oh, Street Fighter. You're so crazy.

After all the years of Super, Ultra, Hyper Fighting, Arcade, Mega and Mechagodzilla editions, it's good to see a simple title again. The upcoming fifth release in the classic series is simply known as Street Fighter V. Until the inevitable eight million re-releases, natch.

Ahead of the ‘early 2016' release date, there's a heaping helping of hypetastic to deliver. And nobody drops the hypetastic quite like Yoshinori Ono, long-standing series producer and general crazy, crazy bastard.

When announcing a new stage, character or such for the game, any other bigwig would treat you to some PR spiel while cruising about on a stage in a fancy suit. They'd use words like phenomenal, groundbreaking and preorder now or we'll strangle your grandma, but not this guy. That is not the Ono way. Sometimes, only a completely ridicuous Blanka cosplay will do.

At the recent Warner Bros. Game Summit, he revealed the latest Street Fighter V stage: Brazil. It's very city street-y, and has what appears to be a world cup trophy statue atop a distant mountain. There's a couple seconds of Ryu and Chun Li beating on each other there, before Ono hits the screen again. Dressed as Blanka, Street Fighter's resident Brazilian. Surrounded by Blanka action figures. Asking us to guess which character will be revealed at the upcoming Brazil Game Show.

I don't know about you, but I have a hunch. 


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