Mark and Donnie Wahlberg Have A Reality Show About Hamburgers, So Just Give Up

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bill-swift - November 13, 2013

If you've ever wanted to watch a reality show about privileged millionaires who run a restaurant just for the f*ck of it, 2014 is going to be your year.

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, along with some friends and family from their old Boston neighborhood, are staring in the new A&E show Wahlburgers. It will chronicle the siblings and their adventures while running their family-owned burger joint, which is also called Wahlburgers. It's a play on the name Wahlberg, you see?

If watching Marky Mark and a New Kid flip burgers isn't your idea of entertaining television, the show will also feature the family's less famous but self proclaimed "most talented sibling," Paul, who, if nothing else, hasn't been part of an awful musical act. It will also include Wahlberg's cousin Johnny "Drama" Alves, upon whom the character in Entourage is based. Between this and news of the upcoming Entourage movie, I'm officially declaring Obama's second term a failure.

Wahlburgers premieres January 22 on A&E, unless the Chinese nuke us first. (Source)

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