Marine Dandoy Barely Covered In Lacy White Lingerie

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bill-swift - July 14, 2015

C-Heads has one fine knack for finding the stellar au natural models and presenting them to the world in a way in which you are likely to never forget. Marine Dandoy in little bits of white lacy lingerie out in nature is almost, almost enough to get me to leave the confines of my perfectly air-conditioned hermetically sealed habitat for a little sight and smell of the great outdoors. Without Marine Dandoy and her stellar body, they're simply outdoors.

There's a big push these days for organic body hotties posing out in nature. I couldn't be more pleased. While the sextastic world has room for all kinds of women and all kinds of settings, the inflated celebrities set in sterile environments is a baseline that needed a little nudge to the natural. Girls like Marine Dandoy must have their day. And evenings, hopefully tasting my fondue and telling me it's the best they've ever had. I really do well with the melting of cheese. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: C-Heads Magazine