Mariah Carey Is All Cleavage At Handprint Ceremony

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aldo-vallon - November 3, 2017

 The shoulders to that dress look to be defying gravity. I cannot keep a backpack slung over my shoulder without it sliding off every few steps and yet somehow that fabric is able to? I call bullshit. She must have some double-sided tape stuck under there in order to keep it in place. Even if that is the case, she would be putting an awful lot of faith in a material that could not keep posters on my wall in high school. My estimation skills have never been great, but I would guess that Mariah Carey's boobs weigh a good deal more than any poster does. So the real question is why have her jumblies not spilled out? It defies physics. That would have been the opportune time as well. While that cement was still wet her boobs could have fallen into it. She would have been the first person to have their chest inducted outside that theater. Now that is what I would consider noteworthy, unlike all these generic stars sticking with the traditional handprints. I know that if I had the opportunity I would want to be remembered as the man who printed his member.

Photo Credit: Splash News