Maria Sharapova Grunts, Sweats, and Smashes the Tennis Girl Goodies in Madrid

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bill-swift - May 10, 2013

You know I'm a big women's tennis fan. We've come a long way from Navratilova and Billie Jean King. The female tennis players of today are strong and muscular and sweaty and screaming and, like Maria Sharapova, just a handful of lust inducement. Granted, the hot barbarian female type isn't for every man, only the man who likes a good challenge.

I mean, Maria can probably lift more plates than me at the gym, but I wouldn't let that bother me. My ego is not so fragile that I wouldn't stand off to the side and applaud her as she did then explain that I can't bench my usual 450 lbs, because of my recent Tommy John surgery.

Oh, Maria, I bet even your sweat tastes good. Enjoy.