Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Squats And Jumps In A Tiny Skirt For The Mutua Madrid Open

Tennis hottie Maria Sharapova was giving me 40-love in my swimsuit area at the Mutua Madrid Open. Next to Catholic school girl uniform there is perhaps no sexier outfit than a woman’s tennis outfit. Those tiny white skirts are a thing of beauty. Especially because these tennis pro ladies have got increibly toned legs. Maria in particular has got a killer pair of stems. But as if that wasn’t enough, she was also sporting a tank top that showed off her ta-tas. Watching women’s tennis is pretty hot. All that grunting and screaming while they squat and jump around. Who doesn’t love that? Someone without a heart, that’s who.

What I do know is that I’ve been to the U.S. Open and if you haven’t seen these grunting ladies of the court in person then you are missing out, my friends.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Maria Sharapova Tennis Hotness At 2014 US Open In NYC

It’s US Open week here in New York City and Maria Sharapova leads the pack in being hot as F. The champion babe was looking seriously sexy in her tennis outfit. The top had a plunging neckline which showed off her perfect knockers with every lunge and serve. The shirt is practically just a sports bra. Her shorts were also very…er…short. They displayed her muscular, toned legs. Maria’s booty also looked amazing in those shorts. You’ve got to love women’s tennis. You have invariably sexy women wearing skimpy skirts and shorts making grunting sex noises with every hit and sweating like they are doing the no pants dance. I know I always enjoy watching people like Maria dive for balls in a pair of bike shorts.

The US Open and Maria being there almost makes the trip out to Queens with it. Almost.

Maria Sharapova Upskirts and Hot Legs for Wimbledon Lady Domination

It’s that time again. Time to get interested in tennis. No, not those silly men, but rather, the lovely strong and sweaty grunting gals of the grass court who provide so many opportune ogling angles in the course of their competition. Why not start off with Maria Sharapova, one fine specimen of athletic woman hood who moistens and flashes panties at the apex of her powerful gams with the best of them.

Oh, yeah, it’s Wimbledon time. The sport of kings. Or is that golf, I can never remember. Just the thought of Kate Middleton watching Maria Sharapova with sweaty undercrackers makes me kind of hot. I don’t suppose I’d be allowed to announce that publicly in England without arrest and beheading in the Tower. But I can say it here, where we’re all safe. Semi-safe, sorry NSA. Enjoy.

Maria Sharapova Hoists Her French Open Cup and Flashes Hot Legs Before the Eiffel Tower

I’m not going to say I always root for the hot girls to win in sports, I’m also not going to not say I don’t do that. I think there’s a quite natural tendency in men to root for the attractive ladies in any venue, albeit, naturally, we all want the most deserving woman to come out ahead. Which is quite convenient when it comes to rooting for Maria Sharapova who is both the hot girl and the woman most skilled in taking tennis titles, so we can focus on the former while mentioning the latter in mix company.

Maria took the French Open title over the weekend, giving her more tennis titles than I have toes plus pure decent thoughts combined. She deserved it too. Just look at those gams in her short skirt in front of the Parisian monument. Also, her backhand is pretty decent. Enjoy.

Maria Sharapova Love-Love Legs on the Court in Madrid

It’s never a bad time for Maria Sharapova hot muscular legs. The tennis star routinely delivers the fine female form on the grass and clay and hard courts. I must admit to not closely following women’s tennis, so I don’t get to appreciate the fine stems on so many of the worthy lady volleyers. But whenever I come across Sharapova, I’m suddenly reminded why several weekends a year I do nothing but stare at these powerful ladies in short skirts screaming and grunting in the most enticing of Valkyrian manner.

Maria, you know you have an open invitation to walk all over me and time you like. Sneakers optional. Enjoy.

Maria Sharapova Flirty Little Upskirt at Store Pimping Event

I must admit, I’m still not exactly sure what ‘accessories’ are when it comes to women’s shopping, but apparently they rake in a good deal of dough and are great merchandise lines for celebrity hotties such as Maria Sharapova who launched her own line of accessories at the Henri Bendel store in New York last night.

What I do know about is camera angles, and girls with high hem lines walking about on second floor balconies at events filled with photographers. Well, there’s going to be some peeking going on, flash photography style. Not that tennis players aren’t quite used to being seen upskirt, though typically not on their dressy evenings out. So this is something of a voyeuristic treat for those of us Sharapova lusters who find the Russian athlete to be one fine female form, even when not grunting, though grunting is highly recommended for the full experience. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Maria Sharapova, and Marisa Miller Highlight the Hotties at the ESPY Awards

I must admit to not watching the ESPY Awards last night. I don’t know, somebody is getting old. It’s either me or ESPN, but they don’t seem to have quite the same luster as in the past. Maybe it’s the ABC/Disneyfication process. Maybe it’s Lance Armstrong winning awards all those years on doped blood. I’m not sure.

But, anywhere there are sextastic celebrities, you know you will find me and there was several sights for sore eyes last night at the event, including Selena Gomez, minxy hot, Marisa Miller post-baby and skintight delights, Maria Sharapova tennis legs, and a nice showing of skin by newcomer B-movie actress Syd Wilder. And then some awards were given out to sports stars, and everyone went home happy. Enjoy.