Maria Menounos Dominates New Year’s Bikini Fun Time Once More

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bill-swift - January 3, 2012

It's really almost hard to believe in the magic that happens when sexy Greek all-around TV hottie, Maria Menounos, packs a few skimpy bikinis and her Nerf football and heads to Miami Beach each New Year's holiday. It's like a wondrous exhibition for the ogling community. Maria looks some type of ridiculously hot water nymph, destined to break hearts, cause ships to wreck on rocky shores, or merely just give blue-hued gonadals to every male of the species within viewing distance.

And, speaking of blue, while Maria Menounous induced extreme passion in her skimpy white lace bikini, just the day before she wore a nipple poking hot blue bikini that served to double down on her two-piece hotness offering. It's just so much goodness, it's hard to think clearly. Just enjoy.